What’s all this SEO / SEM / PPC stuff?
What’s all this SEO / SEM / PPC stuff?

Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
"Although instrumental to any business, SEO is still severely misunderstood by most business owners. Understanding the correct aspects of SEO will greatly help you focus your efforts and budget towards steps which will enhance your search engine positions while effectively increasing your lead generation abilities...." Neal Stein

--> Targeting the Correct Keywords your customers are using.

Ideally, setting up a web site would instantly send people to buy, or learn about your business and services, but with all of the thousands of competing businesses out there, how will your customers find you? Search Engine Optimization: Consumers use keywords and key phrases to find the things they need. If you can properly target the words your customers are searching for, you'll better position yourself to fulfill their need at the time they need it. If you are targeting a very competitive word like (say, "buy computers"), you'll need to spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns in order to compete, because there's no way you'll rank high in the natural results without a load of work.

So targeting less competitive, yet specific phrases may work better for you in the above scenario. Instead of going for the big ones like above, you might pick a good number of smaller ones like ("buy dell netbook") in which you could target the result as displaying only your "Dell Netbooks" for that search result. This will be much more beneficial to you and will generate more sales and traffic while delivering exactly what your customers are searching for just as they are ready to purchase it. We can help you choose these types of keyword and keyword phrases.

--> Optimizing Your Site In-House.
Running ad campaigns and doing your own Search Engine Optimization doesn't really pay-off much if you don't fully understand both your users and best avenues for getting them there. Search engine optimization is a science, and getting your site to start appearing in searches is a job in itself. Before you can start optimizing your site, you should ensure your converting the traffic you already do have, or there may be other issues to be addressed first. Getting Google and other search engines to properly read AND comprehend your web pages takes a lot of work, and SEO Company has the expertise to make programming and other site architectural changes for you.

--> Yes, As you may have heard, Content IS Indeed King.
Unlike print advertising, your web site gives you virtually unlimited space to explain, engage, and sell your potential customers on your services. Are your products that good that they can be sold with absolutely no words? Probably not. The content you use on your site, within it's pages, or as product descriptions will most likely be the exact avenue for potential customers to find you. Having enough keyword driven content on your pages is key.

SEO Company spends serious time on analyzing content, keywords, search strings, and resulting traffic. We give you professional level copy writing analysis as part of our SEO services, so your business has a competitive edge over your competition.

--> Building Hypertext Links (Web Links) That Point to Your Site.
Getting other sites to link to your site is one of the most important aspects in driving up your search engine rankings. But it is not the shear number of links you acquire. The web has evolved greatly through the years, and search engines value not only the amount of links which point to you, but their individual value (PageRank®). Some links can actually make you rank worse if you have enough of them, which will undermine your entire marketing agenda. Don't just hire some cheap link-building service which can get your site blacklisted. SEO Company will acquire quality links which will drive up your rankings, through hard work and dedicated efforts using methods which have been developed over years of research, networking with webmasters, and know-how, all while, most importantly, adhering to search engine quality guidelines.

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"I have been using your search engine optimization services for many years. The results have been outstanding! I diverted the money I had been spending on yellow pages advertising to search engine optimization with much better results. And, besides results, my project manager Robert always responds promptly to my inquiries and requests. I will recommend your services to other businesses that want to increase sales by effective and targeted exposure for their services and products on the internet. Thank you so much."

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